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From starter cultures to convenience product: our passion is dedicated to cover the whole range of products to support artisanal production, industry and food service.

Our focus are the wishes of our customers, the latest culinary trends - and the most suitable quality. We are constantly creating new flavours, versatile products and easy to use solutions. This results in products offering great taste combined with attractive appearance, safe products, and easy to use.


Worldwide, there is a wide variety of Scalded sausages. The range of scalded sausages go from “Bratwurst” for grilling to cocktail sausages, fine or coarse cold cuts and hearty semi-dry sausage products.

Raw sausage and raw cured products require a complex production process. We develop and produce starter cultures, ripening agents and seasoning for these prestigious products. As we offer the whole product range, we can offer harmonized ripening agents and starter cultures.

Cooked hams are characterised by a attractive colour, a firm consistency and a tender bite. It includes regular ham and Kassler rib. We can supply various all-in-one solutions, which assist you to optimize your production.

Cooked sausage, with predominantly cooked ingredients, is one of the most popular sausage types, offering something for everyone. Next to meat, cooked sausage often contains offal such as liver, tongue or blood.

We offer a range of functional ingredients for the manufacturing of meat, fish and convenience products. We also offer advice on application, product safety and consumer trends.

Convenience food is getting more established. It ranges from meat and fish dishes, ready-to-use sauces, marinades to dressings. Tastiness, ease to use and above all time savings are important criteria.

The use of herbs and spices is as old as cooking itself. After all, ultimately they provide flavour and give our food its own particular character. From us, you can get them in the best quality.


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