New: Frutarom seasoning for chicken – success guaranteed

Chicken drumsticks and grilled chicken are popular. Conventional seasonings adhere to the fat of the skin, but during the production process the epidermis of the chicken can be damaged. Therefore an even seasoning is difficult. This results in an unattractive, uneven and in many cases “over-seasoned” product. Our new seasonings for chicken CHICKEN GRILL BALTIKA NEW and CHICKEN GRILL GRONAU OG  AF are the solution. The recipe contains of a mixture of functional ingredients and seasoning. Thanks to the functional ingredients the seasoning adheres excellently to the chicken, even if the epidermis is damaged. This gives it an attractive appearance and great tasting, crispy skin when grilling the chicken.

And the preparation is very easy: simply shake the seasoning on the chicken, mix well – ready to be grilled, success guaranteed.