Cooked Sausages

Cooked sausage is one of the oldest types of sausage. Over time, many variations with different flavours have been created. No wonder, whether you prefer light and fresh or a hearty savoury, there is a cooked sausage for everyone.

Blood sausage and black pudding are one of the oldest and best-known sausage types. They consist of pig’s blood, bacon, rind and spices. When cold, they can be sliced. We offer you numerous seasonings and compounds for colour stabilisation, and spices for all blood sausage and black pudding specialities.

Coarse or fine, simple supper or on a hearty dinner – liver sausage is popular in many different variations. With well balanced seasonings, you give the liver sausage the right character. We offer various seasoning blends and functional compounds to optimize the consistency to ensure the liver sausage looks good and tastes great.

Pates and terrines have always been regarded as some of the most refined and sought-after foods. Refined with sophisticated and exotic spices, and made from high-quality ingredients, they are a highlight of any meal.

Brawn in aspic is well-known for its fresh taste and colourful appearance. Low-fat brawn options are a welcome change in our diets, particularly during warm seasons. Various types of meat, fruit and vegetables can be combined in aspic. With a bit of creativity, there are unlimited possibilities.