Functional Ingredients

In our various research & development centres, we develop functional ingredients for different food applications. To meet challenges and demands regarding shelf life, health aspects, we offer you a variety of functional ingredients.

The combination of high quality products and our experience assure you optimum support in the production of raw sausages and raw cured products. Whether for traditional or rapid ripening, we have the right products in our range - whether for salami, spreadable sausage or Black Forest ham.

Salt is essential for the body. It plays an important role in the nervous system, digestion and fluid balance – and it gives food flavour and body. However, many consumers would like to reduce their salt intake. We offer various products in response to these consumer wishes.

Our simple and easy-to-use meat substitute products are used primarily for economic reasons. They provide a pleasant mouthfeel, have no off-taste and can be flavoured and coloured in any way.

We have various products in our "binding system” range which allow you to assemble fresh and unprocessed meat cuts into restructured products.

Consumers prefer to eat healthier and often resort to low-fat alternatives. The demand for low-fat foods is growing steadily.