Raw sausage & Raw cured meat

The combination of high quality products and our long standing experience ensure you get the best support regarding the production of raw sausage and raw cured products. Independent if you follow traditional or fast-ripening methods, we have the right combinations of products – whether it is salami, spreadable sausage, or Black Forest ham.

Firm, sliceable raw sausage is enjoyed in sandwiches, on pizzas or as a snack. With harmonized seasoning, ripening agents combined with the right starter cultures, we ensure good sliceable consistency, a stable curing colour, durability thanks to microbiological safety and an excellent curing taste.

The delicate flavour and spreadable consistency is achieved by using raw, unheated meat and bacon. Depending on the variety, ingredients are finely or coarsely ground, seasoned, often a reddening agent is added, smoked or dried. Spreadable products include Teewurst (smoked spreading sausage), spreadable Mettwurst (cured smoked sausage) and coarse Mettwurst.

Raw cured meat is considered of premium quality. Regional differences in seasoning, ripening time, drying and smoking intensity result in a wide variation. Black Forest ham, Parma ham, Katenschinken (a ham from Schleswig-Holstein) or Nussschinken (a smoked ham from Southern Germany) and Schinkenspeck (dry-cured smoked bacon seasoned with juniper berries) are just a few examples of raw cured meat products.