Scalded Sausages

The versatility of scalded sausages is undisputed. With our wide range of seasonings and ingredients, we give every sausage its own individual flavour. For our blends we use only the best raw ingredients.

Cold cuts are one of the most versatile sausages. Butchers can create unlimited variations. Classic cold cuts include the Lyon sausage, ham sausage and meat loaf sausage. With different seasonings, many different flavour directions can be created.

There are many variations of Bratwurst – every region has its own speciality with its own flavour. The different variations include coarse and finely ground textures as well as smoked and cooked varieties.

The best-known type of small sausage is the Wiener sausage from Vienna. Mostly eaten hot, straight from the pan, these sausages are a delicacy. They can also be used in stews and casseroles, and in some regions they are even fried. And also simply eaten cold, these little cocktail sausages taste very good.

Semi-dry salami-type sausages use different meat ingredients, different recipes and different production methods compared to the other scalded sausages. The meat is generally only coarsely chopped and often has a rustic appearance. The semi-dry sausage is always smoked, unlike other types of scalded sausages.